Youth Workshops

You Hold the Keys to Your Success! (Assembly Program)

This Assembly Program (for Grades 6-12) is designed to assist students in understanding how to navigate to a place called Success as identified by them. Through the use of success poetry, success quotes, success stories and success equations, students will learn how to make choices that make sense for positive outcomes. Students are poetically entertained, inspired and encouraged to identify their talents & interests and to pursue an education to create and live the life of their dreams!

WRITE Into Your Greatness! (Poetry Workshops)

Your students can become Published Poets! This poetry-writing workshop series combines the art of writing poetry with the art of Success! It focuses on improving self-esteem, communication skills and decision making. Students will develop presentation skills while exploring thoughts, beliefs, fears, career path choices and stereotypes. Through the use of role-plays and positive quotes, students feel safe to have fun and learn. Students will write original poetry and learn several forms including ballads, limericks, couplets, haiku, metaphor and acrostic. Every session includes collaborative and individual writing and sharing. (Anthologies require 10 sessions and are optional)

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Students Speak! (Sofia)
Students Speak! (Sean)
Students Speak! (3rd Grader)

STEP Into Your Greatness! (Step Workshops)

MAKE MUSIC WITH YOUR BODY!! Have Fun and Learn the Art of Stepping! – Infusing Math, Mind and Body with rhythmic syncopation and synchronicity while focusing on: Team Building, Active Listening, Leadership Skills, Precision, Attitude and Improving Self Esteem. Culminating Events require 10 Classroom Sessions

Watch Here for STEP in School:
STEP Showcase (Auditorium)
STEP Showcase 1 (Auditorium)
STEP Showcase 2 (Auditorium)
Step Workshop in Classroom
STEP Workshop in Classroom (Game)

TRADE Skills Workshop Series! (Wood & Tile)

Culminating in a take-home project, Students will receive customizable one-hour sessions of Trade Skills Workshop Series focusing on hardwood flooring, carpentry, or ceramic tile work. Modules include safety in the workplace, measuring, tool identification and management, staining, sanding and refinishing hardwood, ceramic tile installation. Each session includes the lesson, a question and answer period, and work on the students’ individual culminating project. Individual Sessions are also available without culminating project. Facilitated by Mr. Jeff, NYC Licensed Contractor

ACT Into Your Greatness! (Drama Workshops)

This drama-based workshop series combines the art of acting and drama with the art of Success! While designed to assist the students in better understanding themselves and life, it focuses on respect, bullying, leadership, conflict resolution, peer pressure, career path choice while improving self-esteem, communication skills and decision making. Students will write scenes and/or act them out or direct them. All programs use positive quotes for critical thinking skills as ice-breakers so the students can feel safe to have fun and learn.

DANCE Into Your Greatness! (Dance Workshops)

We are so proud to have Ms. Sumayah, graduate of the Juilliard School and LaGuardia H.S., with us in a new residency. She is teaching modern and jazz dance sharing her expertise and knowledge with the students. Ms. Sumayah has traveled the world in Parsons Dance Co., The Lion King, The Color Purple and with CHER!.

Resolving ConflictsL (Workshop Series)

Do you know the 7 categories of difficult people? The importance of “I” Messages? Most people use 5 approaches to restore harmony with others or within self. Do you know your style? How do you handle conflict? Are you assertive or aggressive? With the use of work sheets, role-plays and activities and poetry students will learn 6 quick fixes to resolving conflicts and develop leadership skills.

Managing Anger! (Workshop Series)

Through the use of work sheets and role-plays, activities and poetry students will (1) Discover what triggers your anger; (2) how to respond in a positive way; (3) uncover the true reasons for anger (4) how we usually handle our anger (or how it handles us); (5), and how we can learn to manage our anger effectively.