Adult Workshops


Teamwork Makes the Dream Work!

Let’s ignite the power we each possess to work together to accomplish common goals and live the lives we all desire.

This fun-filled staff development workshop focuses on establishing new and cohesive working relationships between staff and students, alike. Through assigned group activities, participants work with their peers to create and deliver important and relevant messages through poems, songs and role-plays while accomplishing mutual and collective goals. Groups have fun and support each other in creating and presenting their projects.

Goal Setting!

Did you know Goal-setting techniques are used by top-level athletes, successful business people and achievers in all fields?  Do you know the 5 components that differentiate a goal from a wish?  Successful people plan to succeed.  Goals give you long-term vision and short-term motivation. Through interactive games and activities, this workshop encourages participants to identify the direction they want to proceed and begin to embark upon it with new-found excitement, confidence and enthusiasm.

Living Your Best Life!

Discover the Power we each possess to live life deliberately, on purpose and purpose-filled.  Believe in Yourself and discover how to bring Your Vision to Reality!

This workshop will help you achieve Your Success through a process of self exploration, self recognition and self development.  Each of us is unique and different with our own sets of experiences, values, habits and beliefs.  But the one thing we all want, strive for and can achieve is:  Personal Success!  What do YOU want to accomplish in your lifetime and what’s standing in your way?   Designed to help overcome self-limiting doubt, beliefs and fear, this workshop will open the doors for you to live the life You were born to live.

Communication is the Key! (women only)

Effective Communication is the Critical Key Component of Success in Business!

Do you know the 7 common habits women have that can hold them back in business? Did you know that most women give away their own power? Have you ever felt intimidated or insecure in a meeting? Well, fret no more – because this fun-filled workshop will give you the simple tools and tips you’ll need to reclaim your power and walk in your success! Remember when we used to say, “Let’s play House!” No, No, No! … Let’s play BUSINESS!